Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog 122: "I Keep Telling You the Truth," Re: Hurricane Sandy

By Vernon M. Herron
     Last month, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record was formed. At least 193 people died. In the United States alone, we saw $52.4 billion in damage, mostly in the East, but stretching from Florida to Maine and including 24 states from Michigan and Wisconsin to New York and New Jersey.
     We saw flooded streets, tunnels and subway lines. Power was out around the city. Some scientists have suggested that Hurricane Sandy was made worse by global warming.
     In my blog 90, we discussed in depth the effect of global warming, changing rainfall patterns, leading shifts in plant and animal populations, rising sea level and an increase in the frequency and severity of tropical storms. Much of the content of blog 90 is repeated here. I keep telling you the truth about global warming and hurricanes keep coming.
     From Biblical days, a prophet was one who “foretells” as well as “forth tells” the future.
      Only a keen observer is necessary to note that countries with nuclear power have the capabilities “to destroy the world’s inhabitants several times over. Countries that possess nuclear arms include USA, China, France, India, Pakistan, South Africa, United Kingdom and others.”
     “Research shows that climate change is a factor to be handled responsibly.” 
     One major environmental concern is that human activity may be changing the global climate. Research also shows that the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – to power motor vehicles, heat buildings, generate electric energy, and perform various industrial tasks, is increasing the amount of carbon dioxide, gas carbon and burning them produces carbon dioxide. 
     This gas slows the escape of heat released by the earth into space. Thus, an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide may cause global warming – a rise in the temperature of the air next to the earth’s surface.
     Countries, industries, global leaders and politicians must show responsible leadership and subjugate the profit motive. 
     It is said that “unless global leaders throw their weight behind alternatives to carbon-emitting energy and technologies over the next five years, the world is doomed to a warmer climate, harsher weather, drought, famine, water scarcity, rising sea levels, loss of island nations and increasing ocean acidification.” 
     I keep telling you the truth. Who will listen before it is too late?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blog 121: From the Mailbox

By Vernon M. Herron

Bullying is not in my vocabulary as I detest it very much.  I liked your blog on the subject. I believe that those who bully others are very insecure people, who are in need of help. Children need to be taught social skills from early ages; they need to know their self-worth. 
     The "Golden- Rule "should be constantly instilled in them. When I taught, I always chose literature to read to my class which taught the children to be nice and respectful to others.  I did this because I saw potential bullies and I wanted to change attitudes. Bullying should never be tolerated in any setting, the earlier we eradicate it, the better. 
     Thank you so much for the blog, it should be read by all educators of small children.
– Connie

A wonderful blog, Dr. Herron. Ms. Thornton is so very correct. There was a time in another era and another place when our teachers and schools integrated character    into everything that we did. What happened to this whole notion of doing business for children? I have some ideas, of course. I would like to hear what others think. 
– Kenneth Simmons

In the late 1990s before I retired, some parents objected when school personnel addressed character development with their children. At that time, I was a junior high assistant principal. (The change to middle school had not yet occurred.)  
     On several occasions I was visited by parents who wanted to discuss the school's efforts to discuss character development in assemblies and school clubs.  Each visitor always insisted that parents were solely responsible for the character development of their children.  On more than one occasion the parent arrived with a written "position paper" that had been prepared by a group of parents of the same mindset.  
     I always shared with them the rationale for the school's involvement in the issue of character development.  I responded in the following way:  I agree that parents should be responsible for character development, but not necessarily solely responsible. Unfortunately, some parents do not address it at all.  Even when parents take it seriously, children do not always exhibit behavior at school that would make their parents proud.  
     Because disparities exist, character development should be addressed at school in order to maintain reasonable behavior standards.  Parents and school personnel should work together to help students achieve self-discipline.
     Bullying at school was a problem then, as it is still.  The bullies did not always come from the homes where parents discussed it very seldom, if at all.  Some of the visiting parents with their objections and "position papers" and their professions that they were sending model students to school each day were actually parents of bullies and children with other character flaws. It is interesting that people do not always see themselves as others see them.
– Barbara P. Hendricks

I appreciate your blogs, and look forward to seeing you again.  Thank you in advance.
– Kenneth Morton

We have a very brief summary on bullying. I would love to speak with you concerning this topic. 
– Lady Cruz 

Re: General Thank you for the ballot guide. Your suggestion for the judgeship was most helpful.
– Neil Gibson, M.D.

Nice writings.
– Donnell

How beautifully written! Our generations have lost a gentle sense of empathy, refinement and composure. Thanks for sharing.
– D.W.

Selected blogs are very, very interesting and well written.
– Ione Vargus, Ph.D.

You never cease to amaze me with your super salute to others. Thanks for all you do for others.
– Linda Butler

Marvelous writings.
– Dr. Edward Robinson

I read your blogs with delight.
– Judge Brenda Thompson

I find your readings informative, inspiring as well as educationally astute.
– Duncan C. Gray

Inspiring blogs! I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad I played a part in helping you.
– Marvin Stewart

Blogs are of great warmth, intelligence and information.
– Larry A. Daniel

Your blogs are right on point. They address many questions which appear in our culture, especially among our young generation. Your statistical data is rich, well written and academically sound.
– Gregory L. Wallace

Thank you for the history lessons and for the great piece on the First Lady of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.
– Dabbie E. Garner

Your query is well placed in juxtaposition to the collective conscious.
– Joseph Burton

Very informative. I just returned from the fruit store where I found oranges, apples, watermelon and kiwi. Thank you for clarifying the genealogical theory of “being removed.”
– Gerrie Daniel