Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog 107: A Point of Self Analysis and Appraisal

By Vernon M. Herron

Dr. Ione D. Vargus, Professor and Dean Emerita, Founder/Director Family Reunion Institute at Temple University-Philadelphia, PA recently wrote “the blogs continue to be interesting” and concluded with reference to my “writing and delivery skill.”
Not only did those remarks find residence in an appreciative heart but a process was invigorated which traced the source and nurture of those skills. For days, I thought; and thought; and thought!  I concluded that the spending of over fifty years  preparing, writing and delivering sermons was the major contributor to my skills in blog writing.

Thanks to the discipline of preaching and thank you Dr. Vargus for your observation.

(See blog 22 for more description of Dr. Vargus’ work)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog 106: I Learned English in a Biology Class Room: In Memory of Marian (Eunice) Evans Patton

Vernon  M. Herron

During the late 40s, Marian Evans and I were school and classmates at Charlotte’s Second Ward High School. Not only were we friends but we were “buddies” in every sense of the word. She married our classmate Connie Patton. Mariam  passed on Monday 9 July and was buried on Thursday 12 July.

Marian and I were born in the same year (1928), the same month (October), only three days apart. I was born first. This phenomenon, calls to mind, God’s sovereignty of life and death. Never-the-less, we know that our times are in HIS hands and that we submit our will to HIS care.  

In the 1st quarter of the Second Ward High School Class of ’47 Newsletter #3, Marian  was honored in an article, “I Learned English in a Biology Class”, by this author. Unknowingly, she was my teacher also. That article is reprinted here as a blog tribute and as a memorial to one who taught me the correct usage of the verb “to be.” Hardly did we know then that this schoolmate would become a blog-writer and would constantly rely on her teaching.

      I Learned English in a Biology Class Room 
Vernon M Herron
In what setting does one need to learn corrective English? Is it in an English class taught by the late Mattie Hall, a Science class taught by the late Edward Brown, a French class taught by the late Kenneth Diamond, a Social Studies class taught by the late W. H. Moreland, or a Mathematic class taught by our own Alene McCorkle?                                                                                   

I learned to conjugate the verb “is” in Mr. Brown’s biology class room, taught to me by a fellow classmate, Marian Evans. I had written an article under the caption “Herron Speaks” for the HERALD NEWS, a school publication. In that article was the line, “Most of them was boys.” Upon proof reading the article, “Eunice,” as Marian is affectionately called, corrected the sentence to read “Most of them were boys.” At that moment, I learned the difference between “was” and “were.” I never forgot it
Learning takes place in any setting when anyone is willing to share and to perceive.

    He who knows not, and knows that he knows not-
    is a child, teach him!
    He who knows not, and knows not, that he knows not
    is a fool, shun him!
    He who knows, and knows that he knows
    is a teacher, follow him!

Thank you Marian, for being my schoolmate and teacher.