Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog 198: What Dreams May Become

By C. Maria Macon
Guest Writer

There are few things that are life-changing. For me, a very small thing, such as reading a book, made a great impact on my life now and in the “Hereafter.” 

“What Dreams May Come” by Richard Matheson is a great love story, but it is more than just a story. The story affirms that the end is just the beginning and after life there is more!

I read the book with no expectations, and I got more than I could imagine in just one lifetime.

The story, in the book, assisted in my pending transition. It helped to remove any fears I may have had about death and dying. More importantly, it gave me a different outlook on life, living and people.

The book helped me to become more aware of my thoughts and how positive thinking really brings about positive results. Deep sleeping is not frightening to me and more importantly whether I wake up or not, it is no longer an issue.

My wish is for everyone who reads this blog, to experience “what dreams may come.”

Much Peace and Blessings.

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  1. It is a blessing to embrace life in it's fullness; free from needless fears and doubts that rob us of our potential caused by stagnation of one's mindset Rev. L.G. Roberts


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